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MUGC members are covered under University of Melbourne Sport insurance.

Yes, MUGC believe in a family atmosphere therefore the following link is the code of behavior that we all follow.

Please speak with your Team Manager to begin the process.

Yes.  MUGC has a limited range of equipment that can be rented however we encourage everybody to own their own.

MUGC welcomes all potential players who want to try out.  Gridiron allows many different body types to excel with the right training so come down and give it a go.

Yes when played at Brens Oval.  As well as hot food we also run a bar for our home games.

Typically games are played on Saturday's and Sunday's.  Start times vary however common times are 10:30am, 1:30pm and some games start around 7pm.

Mandatory equipment is

  • cleats (footy boots)
  • mouth guard (cannot be white or clear)
  • helmet
  • should pads
  • pants with pads (supplied by the club)

Option equipment is

  • gloves (there are positional gloves available)
  • extra protection such as rib protection
  • wrist coach for some positions (used to call plays)

$50 is due from your second training session as this ensures that you are covered under insurance; the remaining fees are due by 2 weeks before the first round.

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